Knowledge and level of information on Alzheimer's disease in the French population: The effect of socioeconomic status and proximity to the disease.

Publié le 1 Janvier 2009
Mis à jour le 9 septembre 2019

Background: While many surveys have explored the knowledge and opinions of the general population with regard to mental illness, there is little data available on Alzheimer's disease, and no investigation has been carried out in France on this subject. Methods: We will rely on a quantitative survey conducted by phone with a representative sample of 2013 people over 18 years. Knowledge is assessed by three questions about the signs of Alzheimer's disease, the difficulties encountered in early disease and preventive factors for Alzheimer's disease; scores of knowledge were constructed from these three items. A question explores the level of information collected on several health problems including Alzheimer's disease. Descriptive and inferential analysis were conducted to establish socio-economic profiles and analyze the relationship between knowledge, the level of information and the proximity to the disease. Results: Six out of ten (62%) feel well informed about the disease, which is low compared to the level of information on other diseases such as AIDS, cancer or cardiovascular disease. The older people with higher incomes, regular family caregivers are significantly more likely to feel well informed about the disease. The signs, preventive factors and the main difficulties encountered in early disease are identified by a majority of respondents. The score of knowledge on the signs is significantly higher among older persons having the highest incomes, the more graduates. Only income and diploma influence knowledge of the factors preventing the disease. The scores are equal among not concerned people as among caregivers. Conclusions: While family caregivers feel well informed about the disease, their knowledge scores are not higher than in general population. Specific information actions should be considered with this target. Communication citée dans la revue "Alzheimer's & Dementia" dans le supplément du volume 5, numéro 4.

Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease., Vienne, Autriche, 2009/07/11-16

Auteur : Pin le corre S., Arwidson P., Guilbert P.
Année de publication : 2009