Two outbreaks of botulism associated with consumption of green olive paste, France, September 2011

Publié le 8 décembre 2011
Mis à jour le 6 septembre 2019

Two family outbreaks of botulism (a total of nine cases) were identified in south-east and northern France in early September 2011. The source of infection was considered to be a ground green olive paste. Botulinum type A toxin was identified in seven cases and in the incriminated olive paste. Incorrect sterilisation techniques were observed at the artisanal producer's workshop. These episodes highlight the potential public health threat of Clostridium botulinum linked to inadequate sterilisation of food products.

Auteur : Pingeon JM, Vanbockstael C, Popoff MR, King LA, Deschamps B, Pradel G, Dupont H, Spanjaard L, Houdard A, Mazuet C, Belaizi B, Bourgeois S, Lemgueres S, Debbat K, Courant P, Quirin R, Malfait P
Eurosurveillance, 2011, vol. 16, n°. 49, p. pii=20035