Effectiveness of one and two doses of acellular pertussis vaccines against laboratory-confirmed pertussis requiring hospitalisation in infants: Results of the PERTINENT sentinel surveillance system in six EU/EEA countries, December 2015 - December 2019

Publié le 11 mars 2024
Mis à jour le 3 avril 2024

BACKGROUND: Monitoring effectiveness of pertussis vaccines is necessary to adapt vaccination strategies. PERTINENT, Pertussis in Infants European Network, is an active sentinel surveillance system implemented in 35 hospitals across six EU/EEA countries. We aim to measure pertussis vaccines effectiveness (VE) by dose against hospitalisation in infants aged 14 days before symptoms. Unvaccinated were those who did not receive any dose. We calculated (one-stage model) pooled VE as 100*(1-odds ratio of vaccination) adjusted for country, onset date (in 3-month categories) and age-group (when sample allowed it). RESULTS: Of 1,393 infants eligible for vaccination, we included 259 cases and 746 controls. Median age was 16 weeks for cases and 19 weeks for controls (p 

Auteur : Merdrignac Lore, Aït El Belghiti Fatima, Pandolfi Elisabetta, Acosta Lesly, Fabiánová Kateřina, Habington Adele, García Cenoz Manuel, Bøås Håkon, Toubiana Julie, Tozzi Alberto E, Jordan Iolanda, Zavadilová Jana, O'Sullivan Niam, Navascués Ana, Flem Elmira, Croci Ilena, Jané Mireia, Křížová Pavla, Cotter Suzanne, Fernandino Leticia, Bekkevold Terese, Muñoz-Almagro Carmen, Bacci Sabrina, Kramarz Piotr, Kissling Esther, Savulescu Camelia
Vaccine, 2024, p. Online ahead of print