Comparison of whole-cell versus acellular pertussis vaccine effectiveness in school clusters of pertussis, France, 2013

Publié le 10 juillet 2020
Mis à jour le 21 octobre 2021

Objectives and method: we conducted a prospective study in 2013 to compare the whole-cell versus acellular pertussis vaccines effectiveness and duration of protection, following the occurrence of pertussis clusters. Results: during seven school outbreaks, we identified 102 clinical pertussis cases, including 10 cases biologically confirmed by Bordetella pertussis specific PCR, among a cohort of 305 children in 2nd to 6th grade. The risk of pertussis when vaccinated with an acellular vaccine alone was 1.6 (RR=1.6; 95% CI=1.1-2.5) times higher than when vaccinated with a whole-cell vaccine or using a combined schedule. Conclusions: the limited duration of protection conferred by the acellular vaccine reinforces the 2013 introduction of the pertussis booster at six years old.

Auteur : Belchior E, Guillot S, Poujol I, Thabuis A, Chouin L, Martel M, Delisle E, Six C, Guiso N, Lévy-Bruhl D
Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses, 2020, vol. 50, n°. 7, p. 617-619