Evaluation of contact tracing activities during the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Guinea, 2015

Publié le 29 mars 2017
Mis à jour le 6 septembre 2019

Objectives: the objective of the study was to present the findings of an audit tool aimed at assessing contact tracing activities during an Ebola outbreak. Methods: the tool was based on Ebola guidelines and observations in the field. It was composed of 38 indicators covering contact tracing preparatives, resources, procedures and results. Results: all contact tracing teams were assessed in Boké and Conakry prefectures (24 supervisors, 22 community workers, 442 contacts) between 1 July and 10 August 2015. Contact lists had less than a 40% accomplishment rate. 7% of the contacts were not seen by community workers or supervisors. "No touch policy" was fully respected. Conclusion: audit checklist helped to systematically identify critical issues related to contact tracing.

Auteur : Reques L, Bolibar I, Chazelle E, Gomes L, Prikazsky V, Banza F, Keita M, Diallo B
International Health, 2017, vol. 9, n°. 2, p. 131-33