Risk assessment and virological monitoring following an accidental exposure to concentrated Sabin poliovirus type 3 in France, November 2018

Publié le 22 Juin 2020
Mis à jour le 30 mars 2021

The safe and secure containment of infectious poliovirus (PV) in facilities where live PV are handled is the condition to achieve and maintain poliomyelitis eradication. Despite precautions to minimize the risk of release of PV from such facilities to the environment, breaches of containment have already been documented. Here, we report the management of an incident that occurred on 30 November 2018 in a French vaccine manufacturing plant. Five adequately vaccinated operators were exposed to a Sabin poliovirus type 3 (PV3) spill. A microbiological risk assessment was conducted and the operators were monitored for PV shedding. On day 5 after exposure, Sabin PV3 was detected only in the stool sample of the most exposed worker. Shedding of Sabin PV3 (as detected by viral culture) was restricted to a very short period (less than 15 days). Monitoring of this incident was an opportunity to assess the relevance of our national response plan. We concluded that the measures undertaken and reported here were appropriate and proportional.

Auteur : Jeannoël Marion, Antona Denise, Lazarus Clément, Lina Bruno, Schuffenecker Isabelle
Vaccines, 2020, vol. 8, n°. 2, p. 1-6