Comparison of cervical cancer screening by self-sampling papillomavirus test versus pap-smear in underprivileged women in France

Publié le 26 mai 2021
Mis à jour le 6 juillet 2021

Background: the purpose of this study was to compare cervical cancer screening by pap smear (PS) versus preliminary HPV testing based on self-collected samples (SC-HPV). Methods: interventional study among underprivileged women from 25 to 65 years old in four French cities. The control group (CG) was referred for a PS. The experimental group (EG) conducted a SC-HPV test followed by a PS in case of positivity. Differences on screening completion and cytological abnormalities were analysed by logistic and Cox regression. Results: 383 women were assigned to the EG and 304 to the CG. The screening completion proportion was 39.5% in the CG compared to 71.3% in the EG (HR = 2.48 (CI 95% [1.99-3.08]; p < 0.001). The proportion of cytological abnormalities was 2.0% in the CG and 2.3% in the EG (OR = 1.20 (CI 95% [0.42-3.40]; p = 0.7). The proportion of participants lost to follow-up was 60.5% in the CG and 63.2% in the EG HPV positive (p = 0.18). Conclusion: providing an SC-HPV-test increased the participation of underprivileged women in CCS. Nevertheless, the significant number of lost to follow-up in both groups can undermine the initial benefits of the strategy for HPV positive women.

Auteur : Reques Laura, Rolland Camille, Lallemand Anne, Lahmidi Najat, Aranda-Fernández Ezequiel, Lazzarino Antonio, Bottero Julie, Hamers Françoise, Bergeron Christine, Haguenoer Ken, Launoy Guy, Luhmann Niklas
BMC Women's Health, 2021, vol. 21, n°. 1, p. 1-14