Cowpox virus transmission from pet rats to humans, France

Publié le 1 Mai 2009
Mis à jour le 05 juillet 2019

In early 2009, four human cases of cowpox virus cutaneous infection in northern France, resulting from direct contact with infected pet rats (Rattus norvegicus), were studied. Pet rats, originating from the same pet store, were shown to be infected by a unique virus strain. Infection was then transmitted to humans who purchased or had contact with pet rats.(R.A.)

Auteur : Ninove L, Domart Y, Vervel C, Voinot C, Salez N, Raoult D, Meyer H, Capek I, Zandotti C, Charrel RN
Emerging infectious diseases, 2009, vol. 15, n°. 5, p. 781-4