Vaccination against influenza, measles, pertussis and varicella in workers in healthcare facilities in France: A national cross-sectional study in 2019

Publié le 15 décembre 2022
Mis à jour le 27 février 2023

BACKGROUND: Vaccine recommendations for healthcare workers (HCW) aim to protect them and reduce transmission to susceptible patients. We conducted a national randomised survey in 2019 whose main objectives were to estimate national vaccination coverage (VC) for measles, pertussis, varicella, and influenza in HCW working in healthcare facilities (HCF) in France, and to identify determinants associated with higher VC. METHODS: We performed a cross-sectional survey of physicians, nurses, midwives and nursing assistants in HCF using a random stratified three-stage sampling design. Data were collected during face-to-face interviews using a tablet computer and complemented with information from the individual HCW vaccination records. We investigated possible determinants of higher VC using univariate and multivariate Poisson regressions and estimated the prevalence ratio (PR). RESULTS: We included 8594 HCW working in 167 HCF. Self-declared VC was 73.3% (CI95%: 71.0-75.5) for measles in HCW with no history of measles (at least one dose), 53.5% (49.9-57.0) for pertussis (booster dose during adulthood), 26.4% (23.0-30.2) for varicella in HCW with no history of varicella (at least one dose) and 34.8% (32.8-37.4) for influenza. Taking into account the history of each disease and related VC, 14.6% and 10.1 % of HCW were susceptible to measles and varicella. VC varied by profession, age group, ward and sex. Higher influenza VC was observed in HCW working in wards where i) there was a staff vaccination contact person (PRa: 1.2, CI95% 1.1-1.4), ii) staff vaccination was organized in the ward (1.4: 1.2-1.6), iii) information on influenza vaccines was provided (1.2: 1.1-1.4), and iv) the ward manager supported the HCW vaccination campaign (1.3: 1.1-1.6). DISCUSSION: Over a 10-year period, VC for HCW working in HCF improved in France. However, vaccination objectives were not achieved for measles (95%) or influenza (80%). Vaccination efforts should be continued, especially in wards with at-risk patients.

Auteur : Vaux Sophie, Fonteneau Laure, Péfau Muriel, Venier Anne-Gaëlle, Gautier Arnaud, Altrach Sophan Soing, Parneix Pierre, Levy-Bruhl Daniel
Vaccine, 2022