The use of smallpox virus as a biological weapon: the vaccination situation in France

Publié le 1 Janvier 2001
Mis à jour le 11 septembre 2019

In the context of its plan to fight against bioterrorism, the Ministry of Health asked the Institut de Veille Sanitaire to evaluate the epidemic risk from a release of the small pox virus, and to make recommendations on potential vaccination strategies to be implemented. A benefit/risk assessment of various vaccination scenarios, including vaccination of the whole French population, was carried out to evaluate the severity of a terrorist action threat. This analysis concludes that at this stage, vaccination action does not seem to be justified. Even in the case of a real threat, the vaccination of frontline healthcare personnel, and in particular of contacts of cases, must be given priority.

Auteur : Levy Bruhl D, Guerin N
Eurosurveillance, 2001, vol. 6, n°. 11-12, p. 171-8