Measles outbreak linked to insufficient vaccination coverage in Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, France, October 2017 to July 2018

Publié le 26 juillet 2018
Mis à jour le 6 septembre 2019

On 30 October 2017, an outbreak of measles started in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine (NA) region in France among Bordeaux University students before spreading to other regions. Until 1 July 2018, 1,101 cases were reported in NA, including 98 complications and two deaths. Cases were related to clusters (e.g. students, healthcare workers) in 16%; 81% of cases were not vaccinated against measles as recommended. Vaccination coverage above herd immunity threshold remains the main preventative outbreak measure.

Auteur : Bernadou Anne, Astrugue Cyril, Méchain Matthieu, Le Galliard Valérie, Verdun-Esquer Catherine, Dupuy France, Dina Julia, Aït-Belghiti Fatima, Antona Denise, Vandentorren Stéphanie
Eurosurveillance, 2018, vol. 23, n°. 30, p. 1-5