Trends in knowledge, attitude and behaviour about sun-protection in 15-75 aged French people : Baromètre cancer, 2005-2010-2015, Sun-Health knowledges

Publié le 27 avril 2019
Mis à jour le 30 juin 2023

Cutaneous melanoma and operated cortical cataract are rising in French population. The objective of this study is to provide information and trends on sun-protective measures (SPM) to prevent excessive UV exposure during summertime, opinion and knowledge on the risks associated in the French population. The Cancer Barometer (BC), a nationwide repeated survey, was conducted in France by telephone interviews among a representative sample of 3931 French residents aged 15-75 years from May to October 2015. The BC questions were about their use of SPM, their knowledge and different opinions. Data were weighted by age, sex and educational level for bivariate and multivariate analyses to ensure the national representativeness of the sample. Results were compared with those from the 2005 and 2010 BC. In 2015, staying in the shade was the most frequently reported protective measure (73.5%), while wearing headgear was the least common one (44.9%). SPM use increased since 2005 for staying in the shade, put sunscreen every two hours; was steady for sunglass wearing and was decreased for wearing headgear and protective clothing. More than 9 out of 10 people say that sun exposure is a risk of cancer (95.9% vs 96.2%, NS) and causes photoaging (91.6% 94.6 in 2005 p=0.001). Opinions: 46.8% think sunburns are inconsequential to adulthood (vs 37.6% in 2005; p=0.001) and 20.9% sunburns prepare the skin for the sun (vs 28.0% in 2005; p=0.001). To reduce excessive UV exposure from toddler, sun-prevention messages should be reiterated through national information campaigns and relayed as close as possible to the different target populations. It is advisable to favor actions of ground adapted to the contexts of exposure, not forgetting to create favorable environments and to involve the relay professionals.

15th European Association of Dermato Oncology (EADO) Congress, Paris, 24-27 april 2019

Auteur : Thuret Anne, Ménard Colette, Léon Christophe, Richard Jean-Baptiste, Jestin Christine, de Maria Florence
Année de publication : 2019
Pages : 7 p.
Format/Durée : diaporama