Syndromic Surveillance of Health Effects Due to Summer Sun Overexposure: Construction of an Indicator Based on Drug Sales in Pharmacies-Preliminary Study within the PRISME Project

Publié le 3 juillet 2023
Mis à jour le 18 août 2023

INTRODUCTION: Solar radiation is classified as a known human carcinogen. In France, people frequently ask local pharmacies to dispense products for sunburns. In the PRISME project, studying this use can be a specific and sensitive way to assess these overexposures. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to construct an indicator for monitoring healthcare consumption in pharmacies after overexposure to solar UV. METHODS: The study, conducted between July and August 2019, covered a sample of pharmacies located in coastal communities of southern France. A list of products for sunburn was defined. When one of the products on this list was sold, the customer was asked to fill out a questionnaire to determine whether the purchase was related to UV overexposure. A positive predictive value (PPV) per active ingredient was calculated. RESULTS: Overall, nine pharmacies participated in the study, and 288 questionnaires were collected. The majority of products purchased were for women (60.7%), for people aged 15 and over (78.1%), and for people not living in the department (68.9%). The most frequently purchased products were our trolamine-containing products which accounted for 53% of sales. With the exception of three products, all PPVs were greater than 0.8. CONCLUSION: The high PPV confirms the suitability of the product selection as an indicator for monitoring healthcare consumption related to solar UV overexposure. Two indicators (one sensitive and one specific) were selected to maximise the chances of identifying UV-related remedies.

Auteur : Riondel Adeline, Simac Leslie, Catelinois Olivier, Morlan-Salesse Carole, Bounoure Frédéric, Galan Bruno, Mouly Damien
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2023, vol. 20, n°. 13