Health as a lever for action on climate change

Santé publique France and IANPHI (The International Association of National Public Health Institutes) organize a day of discussion devoted to climate change and public health, an event organized on the occasion of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union*.

Mis à jour le 9 mai 2022
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About the event

This event aims at promoting a better awareness of the links between climate, biodiversity and health in public policies and encourage concrete actions at the local, national and European scale.

The audience

This event targets public health professionals, environmental professionals, decision-makers, researchers and stakeholders.

The programme 

The programme includes interdisciplinary and intersectoral interventions on knowledge, debates on challenges and lever for action, and feedback from European cities dedicated to climate, biodiversity and health.

This event will include speakers from all over Europe and a French and English translation will be provided.

Key documentary resources recommended by the speakers

Biodiversité, une seule santé / Biodiversity, one health

Feuille de route climat de l’association internationale des agences de santé publique / IANPHI roadmap for action on health and climate change

Stratégie des facultés de santé publique aux Royaume-Uni / Faculty of public health climate and health strategy

L’observatoire européen climat et santé / The European Climate and Health Observatory

*This event is not organized by the French government. However, the government allows the use of the symbol on the occasion of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.