La Santé en action, December 2022, n°459-eng Urban planning dedicated to health

Publié le 15 décembre 2022
Mis à jour le 29 août 2023

An under-recognized determinant of population health, urban planning plays a crucial role in the quality of life, well-being and therefore the overall health of any individual. Four experts in healthy urban planning have coordinated this special feature: Anne Roué Le Gall, Mathilde Pascal, Nina Lemaire and Thierno Diallo. This issue presents a summary of knowledge on health-friendly urban planning practices in France and abroad, focusing on specific examples of real-life experiences. Some 20 researchers and professionals in the field have contributed to this issue, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), which makes an alarming observation ‒ degraded urban planning kills ‒ and suggests counter-actions. This issue of La Santé en action contains diverse international examples. It is also the first issue available entirely in English, to encourage dialogue and information exchange beyond France.

Année de publication : 2022
Pages : 52 p.