Insights: Different Perspectives on Conducting Research into Intra-familial Maltreatment of Children and Adolescents

Publié le 30 janvier 2024
Mis à jour le 25 janvier 2024

On 30 and 31 March 2023, Santé publique France brought together research teams, public administrations, data producers and users, as well as professionals working in the fields of health, justice and social care, to discuss work in public health and epidemiology on the subject of child maltreatment. The publication "Insights: Different Perspectives on Conducting Research into Intra-familial Maltreatment of Children and Adolescents" contains the proceedings of this seminar in the form of a written summary of each presentation, accompanied by a video recording. Over the last few decades, numerous international studies have shown the multiple impacts of maltreatment on children's short- and long-term health and development. However, the data currently available only partially document the problem. This seminar, aimed at those involved in the production and use of such data, provided an initial overview of the epidemiological knowledge available in France today. The speakers highlighted the difficulties they encountered to set up studies and suggested solutions for carrying out investigations into the maltreatment of children and adolescents. This work is part of a drive to better understand and document the burden of abuse on child development and public health. It will also help to raise awareness of this complex subject, which is still under-researched in epidemiology and public health.

Regards croisés sur la conduite de recherches sur la maltraitance intrafamiliale envers les enfants et les adolescents : séminaire de travail en santé publique - Different perspectives on conducting research into intra-familial maltreatment of children and adolescents, Charenton-Le-Pont, 30-31 mars 2023

Auteur : Semaille Caroline, Delaville Séverine, Guibert Gaëlle, Scodellaro Claire, Debauche Alice, Jud Andreas, Accardo Aliocha, Grunvald Sylvie, Dosquet Christine, de Fallois Manon, Vabres Nathalie, Pendezec Gaëlle, Blangis Flora, Chevreul Karine, Rousseau Daniel, Quantin Catherine, Mélihan-Cheinin Pascal, Chalumeau Martin, Delemar Éric, Caubel Charlotte, Firmin Le Bodo Agnès
Année de publication : 2024
Pages : 55 p.