Impact of a French social marketing campaign promoting pulse and whole grain consumption: results from a longitudinal cohort study

Publié le 8 août 2023
Mis à jour le 1 septembre 2023

BACKGROUND: Despite the health benefits, fiber intake is insufficient among French adults. To promote the consumption of pulses and whole grains, defined as priority food groups because they are rich in fiber, readily available, and affordable, the French National Public Health Agency implemented a social marketing campaign in 2019 to improve knowledge, self-efficacy, and consumption of pulses and whole grains. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the short-and long-term effects of this social marketing campaign. METHODS: A 8-month prospective study was conducted on the Internet. A sample of 4,001 French adults was interviewed before the social media campaign (T0), immediately afterwards (T1), and after 8 months (T2). Analysis was performed on 2,422 adults responding at T1 and T2. Outcomes associated with campaign recall were investigated by mixed models with random effects using generalized estimating equations. RESULTS: Overall, 59.5% of subjects recalled the campaign. In multivariable-adjusted analyses, no significant difference was found in terms of knowledge, self-efficacy, and consumption of pulses and whole grains between those recalling and not recalling the campaign (value of p > 0.05). When the analyses were stratified by educational level (p-interaction

Auteur : Fassier Philippine, Rabès Anaëlle, Ducrot Pauline, Serry Anne-Juliette
Frontiers in nutrition, 2023, vol. 10, p. 1208824