A health promoting sports club framework: strategies from the field

Publié le 14 octobre 2023
Mis à jour le 13 novembre 2023

The application of the settings-based approach to sports clubs requires a context-specific framework to develop and operationalize health promotion interventions. Incorporating top-down and bottom-up perspectives into interventions increases their efficiency, success and sustainability. In 2020, the health promoting sports club (HPSC) model and intervention framework were created, including strategies and intervention components. A subsequent concept mapping study generated 35 statements from sports club stakeholders highlighting their needs when developing health promotion initiatives. This commentary integrates the concept mapping results into the HPSC model and intervention framework. The process added new sports club levels, updated existing and developed new intervention components, then classified them into the framework. The revised HPSC model has seven levels while the revised intervention framework includes 13 strategies and 69 intervention components. This revised HPSC framework provides sports club stakeholders, public health experts and researchers a means to develop and implement targeted health promotion interventions.

Auteur : Johnson Stacey, Van Hoye Aurélie, Geidne Susanna, Donaldson Alex, Rostan Florence, Lemonnier Fabienne, Tezier Benjamin, Vuillemin Anne
Global health promotion, 2023, p. Online ahead of print