Patterns of Accidental and Intentional Alcohol Intoxication Initiation among French Young Adults: A Survival Analysis

Publié le 15 juin 2023
Mis à jour le 16 janvier 2024

Background: The aim of the study was to explore patterns of accidental and intentional intoxication among French young adults who use alcohol. Methodology: The study draws on data from the 2017 French Health Barometer. Cox proportional hazards models were used to explore the factors associated with accidental and intentional alcohol intoxication initiation. Covariates studied were gender, age, employment status, consultation for mental health problems, depression lasting at least two weeks in the past 12 months, and previous tobacco or cannabis use as time-dependent variables. Results: Women accounted for 50.4% of our sample, and the mean age of respondents was 29.2 (standard deviation = 6.3). The prevalence of lifetime accidental intoxication among alcohol users was 77.0% and 17.3% for intentional intoxication. Kaplan-Meier analyses showed that the first intentional intoxication experience occurred later than the first accidental intoxication. Factors associated with accidental intoxication initiation in multivariate analyses were: male gender, age under 30, previous use of tobacco and cannabis, experiencing depression that lasted at least two weeks in the past 12 months, and having consulted for mental health problems in the past 12 months. Economically inactive people and students had a lower risk of experiencing accidental intoxication than those who were employed. Similar correlates were found for intentional intoxication, but being economically inactive was more strongly associated with intentional intoxication initiation. Conclusions: These results suggest the strong potential for alcohol consumption to become hazardous, particularly if tobacco or cannabis are also used. Prevention programs on alcohol must target consumers at the earliest stage and integrate other substances often used in a festive context.

Auteur : Terrier Delphine, Mmadi-Mrenda Bakridine, Richard Jean-Baptiste, Andler Raphael, Lavagna Chrystel, Mayet Aurélie
Substance use & misuse, 2023, vol. 58, n°. 11, p. 1307-1313