Moving towards One Health surveillance of antibiotic resistance in France: a semi-quantitative evaluation of the level of collaboration within the national surveillance system

Publié le 1 février 2024
Mis à jour le 1 mars 2024

OBJECTIVES: Collaboration between surveillance programmes is the keystone of One Health surveillance and international organizations call for integrated surveillance systems to manage antibiotic resistance (ABR). In France, the ABR surveillance system covers human, animal, food and the environment sectors, but appears to be fragmented, questioning its level of integration. This study aimed to evaluate collaboration within this system and to formulate recommendations towards more integration. METHODS: ECoSur, a semi-quantitative tool, was used to evaluate collaboration between surveillance programmes. A total of 31 attributes were evaluated using information from the literature and 52 interviews with surveillance actors from all four sectors. Evaluation results were visualized via three output figures displaying aspects related to governance and functionality of collaboration. Results were validated by an expert committee. RESULTS: Overall, the French collaborative strategy for ABR surveillance was well formalized and relevant to its objectives. However, a cross-sectoral coordination body was lacking to help with its practical implementation. The environmental sector was largely uncovered, but its integration appeared necessary to meet the strategy objectives. Data sharing and joint data analyses between programmes were insufficient, mainly due to limited resources and data interoperability issues. Collaboration was operational for internal and external communication of the results. Twelve recommendations were suggested to decision makers to foster collaboration within the French surveillance system and feed future strategies against ABR. CONCLUSIONS: This first evaluation of collaboration within the French ABR surveillance system produced concrete recommendations to move towards One Health integrated surveillance. Both the approach and the findings could be of interest to other countries.

Auteur : Collineau Lucie, Rousset Léo, Colomb-Cotinat Mélanie, Bordier Marion, Bourely Clémence
JAC-antimicrobial resistance, 2024, vol. 6, n°. 1, p. dlae008