Inadequate labeling of pork sausages prepared in Corsica causing a trichinellosis outbreak in France

Publié le 17 Juin 2016
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

Three cases of human trichinellosis due to Trichinella britovi were reported in 2015 in the Southeast of France resulting from consumption of raw pork sausages (figatelli) prepared in Corsica. Fourteen other people ate figatelli from the same batch but were not infected due to the figatelli being well cooked. This is the first reported human trichinellosis outbreak due to consumption of Corsican sausages prepared from uncontrolled pork. Consumption of raw figatelli is a common tradition in Corsica. As a result, the health recommendation to cook the product well is not always applied. In the present case, the figatelli product label was not sufficiently visible to advise consumers of the risks associated with uncooked pork.

Auteur : Ruetsch C, Delaunay P, Armengaud A, Peloux Petiot F, Dupouy Camet J, Vallee I, Polack B, Boireau P, Marty P
Parasite, 2016, vol. 23, n°. 27, p. 4 p.