Autochthonous case of dengue in France, October 2013

Publié le 12 December 2013
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

In October 2013, autochthonous dengue fever was diagnosed in a laboratory technician in Bouches-du-Rhône, southern France, a department colonised byAedes albopictussince 2010. After ruling out occupational contamination, we identified the likely chain of local vector-borne transmission from which the autochthonous case arose. Though limited, this second occurrence of autochthonous dengue transmission in France highlights that efforts should be continued to rapidly detect dengue virus introduction and prevent its further dissemination in France.

Auteur : Marchand E, Prat CM, Jeannin C, Lafont E, Bergmann T, Flusin O, Rizzi J, Roux N, Busso V, Deniau J, Noel H, Vaillant V, Leparc Goffart I, Six C, Paty MC
Eurosurveillance, 2013, vol. 18, n°. 50, p. pii: 20661