"Did you have flu last week?" A telephone survey to estimate a point prevalence of influenza in the Swedish population

Publié le 1 December 2005
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

Sentinel surveillance usually underestimates the true burden of influenza in a population, as individuals must present to medical establishments to be included in the surveillance system. We carried out a telephone survey to estimate the national burden of influenza in the Swedish population for one week during the 2004/05 influenza season. Fixed-line telephone numbers were randomly sampled and households interviewed concerning influenza illness between 14-20 February 2005 (Week 7 of 2005). Questions regarding seasonal influenza vaccination status, symptoms and the impact of illness on daily life were also included. A self-defined influenza prevalence of 7.7% in week 7 of 2005 was estimated. On applying a case definition of "cough and fever and muscle pain" for influenza like illness, the prevalence decreased to 3.6%. The survey provided insight into the burden of illness in the population further to that estimated through the sentinel surveillance system.

Auteur : Payne L, Kuhlmann Berenzon S, Ekdahl K, Giesecke J, Hogberg L, Penttinen P
Eurosurveillance. European communicable disease quarterly, 2005, vol. 10, n°. 10-12, p. 241-4