First two autochthonous dengue virus infections in metropolitan France, September 2010

Publié le 30 Septembre 2010
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

In September 2010, two cases of autochthonous dengue fever were diagnosed in metropolitan France for the first time. The cases occurring in Nice, south-east France, where Aedes albopictus is established, are evidence of dengue virus circulation in this area. This local transmission of dengue calls for further enhanced surveillance, active case finding and vector control measures to reduce the spread of the virus and the risk of an epidemic. (R.A)

Auteur : La Ruche G, Souares Y, Armengaud A, Peloux Petiot F, Delaunay P, Despres A, Lenglet A, Jourdain F, Leparc Goffart I, Charlet F, Ollier L, Mantey K, Mollet T, Fournier JP, Torrents R, Leitmeyer K, Hilairet P, Zeller H, Van Bortel W, Dejour Salamanca D, Grandadam M, Gastellu Etchegorry M
Eurosurveillance, 2010, vol. 15, n°. 39