Preliminary report of an autochthonous chikungunya outbreak in France, July to September 2017

Publié le 1 Septembre 2017
Mis à jour le 10 Septembre 2019

In August 2017, an autochthonous chikungunya case was reported in south-east France. By mid-September, eight additional autochthonous cases were found in the index case's neighbourhood, where the chikungunya virus vector Aedes albopictus was observed. Genomic characterisation identified an East-Central South African (ECSA) lineage strain, probably from the Central African region and carrying an adaptive mutation facilitating transmission by Ae. albopictus. The event confirms we need early case detection and response to contain chikungunya in Europe.

Auteur : Calba C, Guerbois Galla M, Franke F, Jeannin C, Auzet Caillaud M, Grard G, Pigaglio L, Decoppet A, Weicherding J, Savaill MC, Munoz Riviero M, Chaud P, Cadiou B, Ramalli L, Fournier P, Noel H, de Lamballerie X, Paty MC, Leparc Goffart I
Eurosurveillance, 2017, vol. 22, n°. 39, p. 6 p.