Risk factors for leptospirosis in metropolitan France: results of a national case-control study, 1999-2000

Publié le 1 Septembre 2004
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

Risk factors for leptospirosis in France were investigated to improve the vaccination program for this disease. Data from 90 hospitalized case patients and 169 matched control subjects were analyzed in a case-control study. Skin lesions, canoeing, contact with wild rodents, and country residence were independently associated with leptospirosis, emphasizing that leisure activity is a risk factor for this illness.

Auteur : Nardone A, Capek I, Baranton G, Campese C, Postic D, Vaillant V, Lienard M, Desenclos JC
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2004, vol. 39, n°. 5, p. 751-3