Refusal to provide healthcare to sub-Saharan migrants in France: a comparison according to their HIV and HBV status

Publié le 2 Juillet 2018
Mis à jour le 10 Septembre 2019

Background: in this study, we aim to measure and compare the frequency of reported denial of care in sub-Saharan African migrants living in the Paris area, according to their HIV and HBV status and social and migration characteristics. Methods: the ANRS-PARCOURS study is a life-event survey conducted in 2012-13 in healthcare facilities in the Paris area, among three groups of sub-Saharan migrants recruited in primary care centres (N = 760; reference group), in dedicated centres for HIV care (N = 922; HIV group) and in centres for chronic hepatitis B care (N = 777; CHB group). Characteristics associated with refusal of care since arrival in France were identified using a logistic regression model. Results: compared to the reference group (6%, P < 0.001), the reported refusal of care was twice as high in the HIV group (12%) and the CHB group (10%). In the multivariate analysis, men and women living with HIV were at greater risk of being denied care (aOR = 2.20[1.14-4.25] and 2.24[1.25-4.01]). Women covered by the specific health insurance (HI) for precarious or undocumented migrants were also at higher risk (aOR = 2.07[1.10-3.89] and 2.69[1.18-6.10], respectively). The risk was also increased in men who remained for at least one year without permit of residence or without HI and among those who were threatened in their country. Conclusion: refusals to provide healthcare are frequent and deleterious situations especially for migrants living with HIV. Health decision makers, public insurance bodies and health professional councils must address this issue to improve equity in the healthcare system.

Auteur : Vignier Nicolas, Dray Spira Rosemary, Pannetier Julie, Ravalihasy Andrainolo, Gosselin Anne, Lert France, Lydie Nathalie, Bouchaud Olivier, Desgrees Du Lou Annabel, Chauvin Pierre
European Journal of Public Health, 2018, vol. 28, n°. 5, p. 904-910