Botulism and hot-smoked whitefish: a family cluster of type botulism in France, september 2009

Publié le 12 Novembre 2009
Mis à jour le 10 Septembre 2019

A family cluster of three cases of type E botulism were identified in south-east France in September 2009. The suspected food source of infection was a vacuum packed hot-smoked whitefish of Canadian origin purchased by the family during a visit to Finland and consumed several weeks later in France on the day prior to symptom onset. No leftover fish was available to confirm this hypothesis. Vacuum packed hot-smoked whitefish has previously been associated with cases of type E botulism in multiple countries, including Finland, Germany, the United States and Israel. (R.A.)

Auteur : King LA, Niskanen T, Junnikkala M, Moilanen E, Linstrom M, Korkeala H, Korhonen T, Popoff M, Mazuet C, Callon H, Pihier N, Peloux F, Ichai C, Quintard H, Dellamonica P, Cua E, Lasfargue M, Pierre F, de Valk H
Eurosurveillance, 2009, vol. 14, n°. 45