Ceftriaxone-resistant salmonella enterica serotype Newport, France

Publié le 1 Juin 2008
Mis à jour le 10 Septembre 2019

The multidrug-resistant (MDR) Salmonella enterica serotype Newport strain that produces CMY-2 beta-lactamase (Newport MDR-AmpC) was the source of sporadic cases and outbreaks in humans in France during 2000-2005. Because this strain was not detected in food animals, it was most likely introduced into France through imported food products. (R.A.)

Auteur : Egorova S, Timinouni M, Demartin M, Granier SA, Whichard JM, Sangal V, Fabre L, Delaune A, Pardos M, Millemann Y, Espie E, Achtman M, Grimont PA, Weill FX
Emerging infectious diseases, 2008, vol. 14, n°. 6, p. 954-7