Surveillance of tuberculosis in Europe- Euro TB. Report on tuberculosis cases notified in 2001

Publié le 1 December 2003
Mis à jour le 10 Septembre 2019

In 2001, 390 534 cases of tuberculosis (TB) were notified in the 51 countries of WHO European Region. Notification rates were 11 per 100 000 population in the West, where cases of foreign origin accounted for 32% of cases; 41 per 100 000 in the Centre, and 92 per 100 000 in the East (former Soviet Union). Age-specific notification rates were highest among the elderly (over 64 years) in the Centre (excluding Romania) and among nationals in the West, reflecting secular decreasing trends in transmission. Rates peaked among young adults (25-44 years) in the East, indicating high levels of transmission in recent years. Over the period 1995-2001, notification rates decreased by 3.6% yearly overall in the West but increased in some of the countries with > 50% foreign-born cases; decreased by 4-6% yearly in most countries in the Centre (except Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania); and increased dramatically by 6-12% yearly in the East due to increases in incidence, case detection and completeness of notification. Among cases notified in 2001, primary multi-drug resistance (MDR) was frequent in the Baltic States (8-14%) and in Israel (6%) and uncommon in 20 Cher countries of the West and Centre (0-2.3% median: 0.7%). Among new smear positive cases notified in 2000, treatment outcomes were more favourable in seven countries in the Centre (median success: 82%) than in 12 countries in the West (73%), or in vine countries in the East (73%). European surveillance data indicate that in the West and in the Centre, TB control remains effective overall, although treatment outcome targets are not reached. Efforts should be targeted to countries where incidence is not decreasing and to population groups at high risk such as those born in countries with high occurrence of TB. In the East, the increasing TB incidence, the high levels of drug resistance and the limited effectiveness of treatment calls for large scale action to strengthen TB control ahead of the anticipated, additional impact of HIV which has caused epidemics in several Eastern countries in recent years.

Année de publication : 2003
Pages : 120 p.