Report of the 2nd "French Clinical Vaccinology Meeting Jean-Gerard Guillet": immunization and respiratory diseases

Publié le 14 Septembre 2010
Mis à jour le 10 Septembre 2019

The 2nd French Clinical Vaccinology conference held on 20th April 2009 in Paris (France) was a unique opportunity to discuss basic and translational research in vaccinology and its implications for patients for respiratory diseases. This conference is organized by the Clinical Research Center Cochin-Pasteur, that has been involved for several years clinical research in vaccines. We report on here the key findings of the conference, especially the immunization of the chronic respiratory diseases, the clinical effectiveness of vaccines and the development of new vaccines in pulmonology.

Auteur : Loulergue P, Burgel PR, Carrat F, Fritzell B, Guthmann JP, Locht C, Power UF, Varon E, Dusser D, Launay O
Vaccine, 2010, p. 6551-5