Capture-recapture method for estimating annual incidence of imported dengue, france, 2007-2010

Publié le 14 Novembre 2013
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

Imported dengue cases pose the public health risk for local circulation in European areas, especially southeast France, where the Aedes mosquito is established. Using a capture-recapture method with Chao's estimator, we estimated the annual incidence of dengue fever and the completeness of existing mandatory notification and laboratory network surveillance systems. During 2007-2010, >8,300 cases with laboratory evidence of recent dengue infection were diagnosed. Of these cases, 4,500 occurred in 2010, coinciding with intense epidemics in the French West Indies. Over this 4-year period, 327 cases occurred in southeast France during the vector activity period. Of these, 234 cases occurred in 2010, most of them potentially viremic. Completeness of the mandatory notification and laboratory network systems were H10% and 40%, respectively, but higher in southeast areas during May-November (32% and 69%, respectively). Dengue surveillance systems in France provide complementary information that is essential to the implementation of control measures. (R.A.)

Auteur : La Ruche G, Dejour Salamanca D, Bernillon P, Leparc Goffart I, Ledrans M, Armengaud A, Debruyne M, Denoyel GA, Brichler S, Ninove L, Despres P, Gastellu Etchegorry M
Emerging infectious diseases, 2013, vol. 19, n°. 11, p. 1740-8