A call to incorporate the prevention and treatment of geriatric disorders in the management of diabetes in the elderly

Publié le 1 Juin 2009
Mis à jour le 9 septembre 2019

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes increases with age. However, the management of diabetes in the elderly has received surprisingly little attention. Diabetes in the elderly is associated with a high risk of geriatric syndromes including malnutrition and sarcopenia, functional impairments, falls and fractures, incontinence, depression and dementia. Tight glycaemic control for the prevention of vascular complications is often of limited value in the elderly. However, glycaemic control and non-pharmacological therapy may prevent diabetes symptoms and delay geriatric syndromes. The prevention, screening and treatment of both conventional diabetic complications and geriatric syndromes should be integrated in a management plan to optimize the patients" overall health status and quality of life.(R.A.)

Auteur : Vischer UM, Bauduceau B, Bourdel Marchasson I, Blickle JF, Constans T, Fagot Campagna A, Kaloustian E, Lassman Vague V, Lecomte P, Simon D, Tessier D, Verny C, Doucet J
Diabetes & metabolism, 2009, vol. 38, n°. 3, p. 168-77