Global change: a public health researcher's ethical responsibility

Publié le 24 Juillet 2019
Mis à jour le 19 septembre 2019

Purpose of Review: loss of biodiversity and globalized environmental degradation result in planetary-scale changes which impact human societies. Recent Findings: this paper highlights the urgency for public health researchers to integrate a global change perspective into their daily work. The public health community needs to answer several questions, e.g., how to weight the health of present and future generations; how to balance between the possible immediate adverse impacts of mitigating climate change vs long-term adverse impacts of global change; how to limit the environmental impacts of public health intervention; and how to allocate resources. Public health practitioners are faced with a moral responsibility to address these challenges. Summary: key elements to ensure long-lasting, innovative global change and health solutions include (i) empowering the population; (ii) tailoring the framing of global change and health impacts for different stakeholders; (iii) adopting less conservative approaches on reporting future scenarios; (iv) increasing accountability about the health impacts of mitigation and adaptation strategies; and (v) recognizing the limits of science.

Auteur : Pascal Mathilde, Beaudeau Pascal, Medina Sylvia, Hamilton Nikita Charles
Current Environmental Health Reports, 2019, p. 1-7