Development of a french epidemiological surveillance system of workers producing or handling engineered nanomaterials in the workplace

Publié le 21 Juin 2011
Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2019

OBJECTIVE: Concern has been raised about the potential impact of nanomaterials exposure on human health, and France has decided to implement a timely epidemiological surveillance tool of workers likely to be exposed to engineered nanomaterials that could accompany the development of nanotechnologies. METHODS: A comprehensive review of the toxicological and epidemiological literature has been conducted together with an exploratory study among French companies producing or handling nanoobjects. RESULTS: A double surveillance system is proposed consisting of a prospective cohort survey and repeated cross-sectional studies. The aim of the cohort is (1) to monitor long-term health effects and (2) to allow of further research. Setting-up an exposure registry is the first planned step. CONCLUSIONS: The protocol is about to be submitted to the French Government for approval and funding. (R.A.)

Auteur : Boutou Kempf O, Marchand JL, Radauceanu A, Witschger O, Imbernon E
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2011, vol. 53, p. S103-7