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European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities


An EU funded pilot project aimed at reducing health inequalities experienced by lesbian, gay, transgendered and intersex (LGBTI) people.

European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities


A European initiative aimed at increasing our understanding of how best to improve the health of people living in vulnerable and isolated situations across Europe.

European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities

HI Joint Statement

Call for action for health and equity on the European Health Policy Platform as a Joint Statement to the European Commission and to Member States

European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities

HI Infographic

There are large differences across the EU in how long people live and how many years they live in good health. Find out more and what can be done in this infographic


  • “Social injustice is killing on a grand scale.”

    CSDH, Closing the Gap, 2008
  • “Health inequities exist because the wrong policies are in place.”

    Margaret Chan WHO Director-General, WHO World Conference on SDH, 2011
  • “A fair society would give people more equal freedom to lead flourishing lives.”

    Michael Marmot Fair Society, Healthy Lives - Marmot Review, 2010


European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities. This portal includes information about key initiatives, policies and resources on Health Inequalities across Europe. It has been developed by EuroHealthNet, a not-for-profit European partnership of public bodies working from local to regional, national and international levels across Europe for building healthier communities and tackling health inequalities within and between European States.

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