HealthDataNavigator Assess available data on different performance domains across various settings

Welcome to the Health Data Navigator

Why should you use the Health Data Navigator?

The Health Data Navigator is an interactive platform for researchers, policy makers, and healthcare professionals to easily access health data and enhance cross-country analysis of European health systems of Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg and United Kingdom. As a digital compendium of major health databases and initiatives on national and international level the Health Data Navigator facilitates your research by informing you about:

How is the Health Data Navigator organized?


As a smart web platform the Health Data Navigator allows you to search databases for comparative performance assessment through a number of entry points. Concepts of performance assessment and issues of data management are used in organizing and storing of data and information at the international level, the national level and at the levels of disease area and care provision.

All four sections provide links to reviewed health databases and initiatives which are allocated according to EuroREACH performance dimensions. Their value for research is assessed through a standard set of appraisal criteria: access, coverage, governance, linkage, data quality and strengths and weaknesses. The assessments of databases are presented in tables labelled with this sign pfeil zu.

Data Management Care provision Disease Area National International Performance